Last will of Martyr Masoud Taheri

          In the name of God almighty


The message and the Last will of Dear Martyr Masoud Taheri, son of  Dr. Mohammad Hassan Taheri.

          Martyr Masoud Taheri was borne in Far,17, 1347 H. Sh. (Apr 6, 1968). The member of Basij and the first grade student of the National University Enterance Exam. Candidate of Eleteronic Engineering for Shareif University and the R.P.G operator for Imam Hassan Battalion of fajr 19 army, who was martyred at the karballa 4 operation in Day4, 1365 H. Sh.( Dec25, 1986), Shallamcheh war-zone.

          In the name of Allah the most merciful. In the name of God almighty who has the best of his gracious and remission for his servants and never detrmine a bad fate or desting for them. my greetings to vali-e. Asr (peace be upon him) and my saluting and greeting to the unique leader and saviour of the human beigns. My salutings also to the chief of the command and the great leader of the Islamic revelution (Imam khomeini), the beater and the annihilator of the oppressors. The arisen soul of the deppressors, and with the hope of the final victory of the Islamic army.

          Perhaps, at the moment that you are reading my last will, my terrestrial body is buried under tons of soil… At the moment which I am writing my last will, I never think that I will acquire the merit of martyrdam. Although acceptance of the reality of death is the most difficult things for the human being, the most worthy and ligitimate thing in this terrestrial world is death and renouncing of the world. Man dies, either Educated or not, wether he or she has taken advantage from the swreetness of the life or not. Good for those who have not experienced the sweetness of the secular world, as it has been said:

          The bitterness of the secular world promises the sweetness of the final day, and the sweetness of the secular world results the bitterness of the final day.

          Those who became martyred have made a good deal and contract with their God, and have acheived greate favor and grace from him. The Martyr dies easily, but perhaps the most difficult thing for him is the grave’s pressure, which actually results from his bad manners and customs. Therefore, I don’t know what to do for the moment that I did not behave excellent and I don’t know how to bear the pressure of the first night of often death. (Allah knows only).

          It is said that martyrs are the only groups of the deads whose spirits transfer from heaven to the earth and visit his families and relatives.I am well aware that when I found the merit of martyrdom my mother will become depressed and worry. If I say, mother! do not cry for me, probably she would not accept that, but dear mom, beleive me, the only thing which would bother my spirit is your being discomfort and restless. If you cry for my absence and my separation from you, there is no place for that reason, because Allah has said that I am always beside you, and if you cry for my bad fortune, I should say that you are in a greate mistak. Any way, I want you all, not to bother me (by your crying).

          Fortunately, you all underestand my words, but I don’t know how you are going to overcome the Saras’ problem (my little sister).I hope that Allah will take care of every things.

          anyhow, we went to take vengeance of the broken side of Fatemeh zahra (peace be upon her). we went to take revenge of the cut head of  Imam Hossein, We went to raise the flag of Abul-Fazlel-Abbas, and you should continue the way like Zainab (peace be upon her). Never forget Imam Khomaini and do not leave him alone.

          Any way, you should appreciate the Time that you are living at, and praise the God again and again that you are living at the Time which you are the witnesses of the dignity and magnificence of Islam and the Islamic country, and the abjections of the supper- powers too.It is not so easy to be the Soldier of Imam Zaman (peace be upon him). I don’t deserve myself to be his soldier, but you should try to be one of his soldiers.Try to pray the Nights Nafileh and read the Ashoura pilgrimage as well as the Jamea Kabireh visitations. The above mentined acts are a brief conditions of being the Imam Zamans soldier, and try not tobe attracted be this terrestrial world and devote your worthless secular body in behalf of Islam. We wished the best fate from Allah, He almighty destined us the martyrdom. So, we hope that we would be Satisfied with the God willings. As Baba Taher, (the persian Poet) has said:



          One desires pain and angiush, the other, remedy. One                              desires Joining and togetherness, the other, disjunction.

          Among those pain, remedy, togetherness, and disjunction,

          I desire whatever the beloved (Allah) desires.

          I could not find the chance to study at the University in order to offer desirable services to this country. Therefore, I leave this duty to those who found their ways to the University.

          After these explanations, I don’t have anything to grant or save. I just am under the dept of some friends whom I don’t remember theire addresses. (almost 1500 Tomans).

I want from my beloved father, who has devoted his lifelong to our Education and promotion, and has always prepared the facilities of life for us, to deposit this amonut to Imams’ subsidizing and aiding committee account.

          At the end, I beg your pardon for my sins and I hope that you would still wish in your prayers, the Gods’ forgivenss for me. Try to do good things to each other and do not bother each one. Pray for Imam (khomeini).

          At last, in order to recollect all of the above mentioned statements, I recommend the sora+VAl-Asr: (chapter of Time):

In the Name of God , The Most Gracious , The Most Merciful

          By the declining Day, Lo! Man is in a state of Loss. Save Those who believe and do good works and exhort one another to truth, exhort one another to endurance.



                                                                   Sincerely yours

                                                                   Masoud Taheri

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